Helsinki Design Weekly: премию Молодой дизайнер 2016 получила Laura Väinölä

Helsinki Design Weekly: премию Молодой дизайнер 2016 Финляндии получила Laura Väinölä

Laura Väinölä has today received the Young Designer of the Year 2016 prize. Congratulations! Read more about her work and thoughts on our article.

Helsinki Design Week is only one week away!

We have published the programme for the installation around The Three Smiths statue, filled with design talks, jazz, radio broadcasts, Yayoi Kusama documentary film, and much more.

Join our main events on Facebook and see our tips for fashion, exhibitions and families. You can also watch our new HDW Makers video about New Market and why design is important in the midst of hard times, and listen to Etana Editions' thoughsts about creating the world of HDW Children's Weekend.

In addition, an Israeli fashion designer Danit Peleg tells on Weekly Bubbling how to challenge the fashion industry with recycled 3D fashion.

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