Многочисленные мероприятия привлекают в Дюссельдорф осенью и зимой много туристов

Многочисленные мероприятия привлекают в Дюссельдорф осенью и зимой много туристов

Dear Düsseldorf Friends,
Numerous headline and traditional events will be turning autumn and winter in Düsseldorf into the perfect time for a city tour packed with adventures of every kind.
We look forward to seeing you here!

 Düsseldorf Christmas Market From 17 November until 23 December, the traditional Christmas Market with its old-fashioned cabins will once again transform the Rhine metropolis into a winter wonderland for all ages. Beautifully made handicrafts will be on sale in many of the cabins – from glittering Christmas tree decorations to filigree carvings from the Erz Mountains. The aroma of burnt almonds and cinnamon will waft through the festively lit streets. You’ll be tempted to linger at the market and sample from the numerous stalls selling mulled wine, punch and many other delicacies. On Sunday, 11 December the shops will be open with the slogan “Shopping at its best” ... >>
 Ho-Ho-Ho Hopping Tour Every year at Advent we once again have the opportunity to take an atmospheric and entertaining stroll through the sea of lights in Düsseldorf’s festive Altstadt (Old Town). Walking through the decorated laneways and streets, tour guides recount Christmas stories or recite poems, while visitors take in Düsseldorf’s historical sights. The tour winds down with a fragrant mulled wine (or a steaming cocoa for the little ones) and tasty Christmas cookies – baked to an old traditional recipe. ... >>
 Behind the Curtain. Concealment and Revelation since the Renaissance. From Titian to Christo This exhibition, which runs from 1 October 2016 until 22 January 2017, is devoted to veils and curtains, and thus also explores fundamental questions around painting and the visual arts: What do we get to see in the picture, and what is it hiding? The captivating, artistically virtuoso interplay between showing and concealing, veiling and unveiling is exemplified by high-calibre loans from international museums – from Titian and Rubens to Gerhard Richter, and from Renaissance and Baroque paintings through the Moderns, right up to the present day ... >>
Art and cultureArt and cultureArt and cultureNew Fall Festival 2016Cirque du Soleil: AMALUNAJethro Tull – performed by Ian Anderson“Special artists, special places” is the motto from 27 to 30 October when artists such as the US indie rock band Wilco, American singer-songwriter Adam Green, and pianist and singer Regina Spektor from Moscow will be making appearances ... >>
This dazzlingly colourful circus show – running from 18 November to 18 December – promises to be a magical combination of stunning acrobatics and opulent, imaginative costumes ... >>
This two-hour stage spectacle – a multimedia musical theatre production on 24 November – will feature numerous classics and five new compositions ... >>
Rock, Pop, ClassicalTraditionalTraditionalJean-Michel JarreHoppeditz AwakesSt. MartinOn his Electronica World Tour, the co-founder of electronic music promises a spectacular experience with lasers, video and light design on 22 October ... >>
Hoppeditz’s traditional awakening on 11 November on the historical Marktplatz in front of the city hall opens the Carnival Season in Düsseldorf ... >>
The St. Martin’s parade (10 November) through Düsseldorf Altstadt (Old Town) is an ultra-atmospheric tradition for the city’s younger citizens. St. Martin rides his steed at the head of the procession, followed by hundreds of children with twinkling lanterns ... >>
SportSportSportGroßer Preis der Landeshauptstadt DüsseldorfVIACTIV Rhein City RunFeuerwerk der TurnkunstOn 2 October, the race for Großer Preis der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf will take place for what will already be the 96th time on the idyllically located horse racing track in Grafenberg ... >>
This half-marathon on 16 October starts directly beside the Rhine in Düsseldorf (Robert-Lehr-Ufer) and ends at the Steinhof, Duisburg’s oldest documented building ... >>
Taking place for the second time on 20 January 2017, Europe’s biggest gymnastics show will be staged at the ISS DOME in Düsseldorf, offering a close-up, breathtaking show of magnificent agility ... >>
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Ausbildungsleitungskongressboot hotel packageMore than 2,000 training and HR managers will be meeting for the first time in Düsseldorf from 22 to 23 November to discuss the issue: “Dual vocational training takes the lead” ... >>
From 21 to 29 January 2017 more than 1,650 exhibitors will be making boot the world’s biggest water sports show. You can book our hotel package starting from 95 euros per person ... >>
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Fun Module           Through Düsseldorfs Old Town with a NightwatchmanHere you can meet us in person:Once lamplight illuminates the picturesque laneways of the Altstadt (Old Town), our nightwatchmen – bearing lantern and halberd – will guide you through historical Düsseldorf ... >>
01. – 03. Oct. 2016
Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of German Unity)
Dresden, Germany

10. – 15. Oct. 2016
DZT-Roadshow Russia
St. Petersburg – Moscow - Kazan, Russia
... >>

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