Познакомьтесь с неожиданным Люксембургом!

Познакомьтесь с неожиданным Люксембургом!

The newsletter from Luxembourg for Tourism informs you about the latest news on tourism in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It covers a variety of subjects your readers or auditors are interested in, such as exploring Luxembourg by foot or by bike, the country's wine culture or, furthermore, a good reason to visit the city on the occasion of Luxembourg's National Day.

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Luxembourg National Day kicks off an exciting summer season

As dusk draws in, hundreds of torches are set alight. Bang on 10 pm, together with beautifully decorated wagons, the torchlight procession marches past the Grand Duke and his family, members of the government and the mayor of the capital. It’s a fascinating experience for every visitor and at the same time only the kick-off for a long night and a season full of open-air music.


A sparkling wine culture

The Moselle region is the key to unlock the secrets of Luxembourg’s high-quality wine, while at the same time discovering unusual tourist sites. The region in the south east of the Grand Duchy is home to the country’s famous wine region, tucked away in the valleys between the Luxembourgish borders with France and Germany. Its mild climate is ideal for the vines.


Hiking and cycling with the train

Luxembourg is a great country to explore by train. Sit back and relax while you take in the breathtaking panoramic scenery during a romantic train journey. The country’s nature and terrain also make it a paradise for hikers and cyclists. The newest edition of the national railway company guide "1000 km Lëtzebuerg" is a great companion for those who are interested in hiking and cycling tours.


350 years "Octave" in Luxembourg

The European capital has a lot to offer and tempts with exciting events, for instance in the framework of this year’s "Octave". Luxembourg City is safe and makes you feel right at home. In terms of life quality, it ranks among the "Top 20" cities throughout the world.

Sneak previews


UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships

28th and 29th January 2017
Winter is the best time to organise cyclo-cross championships. On the 28th and 29th January 2017, the cyclo-cross world-elite and promising youngsters under 23 years come together in Belval, close to the campus of the University of Luxembourg. Due to its natural and hilly character, Luxembourg is the perfect choice to host the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships.
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Echternach International Festival

The 41st edition of the music festival in Echternach takes place from 19th - 16th July. Visitors can expect unusual concerts in the impressive setting of the former Benedictine abbey: classic concerts, Jazz evenings, silent movies with live music and concerts for children. Echternach is known for being home to the dancing procession (on Whit Tuesday), which is part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.
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