Словения - освежающее летнее удовольствие.

Словенский туризм стоит на пороге нового рекорда. Slovenian tourism is on the brink of a new record. With 22% more overnight stays in June 2017, we are approaching the milestone of 5 million overnight stays in the first half of the year. Join the happy tourists discovering Slovenia and its beauty. You can find refreshing adventures at every step of the way – in the capital Ljubljana, at Krvavec mountain or at the Sečovlje salt pans. Pamper yourself with culinary masterpieces by the best Slovenian and world chefs. Cheers to life!

Highlights from Slovenia


Slovenian tourism has a new record

Our green, active and healthy land is on the brink of new tourist records. In June 2017, more than 1.2 million tourist overnight stays were recorded, which represents 22% more than in June 2016. From the start of 2017 and up to the end of June, almost 5 million overnight stays were recorded in tourist accommodation in Slovenia. more


The most searched Slovenian destinations by Trivago
Trigavo, the world’s top hotel price comparison site, carried out a survey of which domestic destinations attracted the most interest in visitors this summer. The most popular Slovenian destinations were Portorož, Ljubljana, Bled, Izola, Piran, Koper, Maribor, Kranjska Gora, Bohinj and Strunjan. more


Slovenia’s cuisine is set to rival the world’s best
The journalist Melinda Joe has marked Slovenia as a rising culinary star. In the online article “Slovenia’s cuisine is set to rival the world’s best” for the South China Morning Post, she states the reasons why it is worth visiting Slovenia from a culinary point of view. more


Why visit Slovenia? by The Telegraph and CN Traveller

Are you looking for ideas for your next holiday? Let us give you a few hints and reasons why your next destination should be our green, active and healthy Slovenia, with a little help from recent articles on Slovenia in the Telegraph and Condé Nast Traveller. more


Discover Slovenia with Wine Dine & Travel Magazine
The summer edition of the Wine Dine & Travel Magazine is full of summer fun - 198 pages of travel stories with destinations around the world. In this issue, you'll find the first of the Discovery Series. Discovering Slovenia explores our beautiful country from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. more


New Path of Shepherd's Dwarves on Krvavec
Are you ready for a new adventure? Go on the Path of the Shepherd's Dwarves on Krvavec, which reveals the secrets of the shepherd's lifestyle on the mountain. The new family adventure takes you through the forests and pastures of Krvavec. more

The story of salty love
The coastal town of Piran has developed due to the salt production at the Sečovlje salt pans. At these biggest and oldest salt pans in Slovenia, salt is still being produced in a traditional way based on a 700-year old method. When weather conditions are good, the workers produce between 50 to 60 tons of salt per day. more


New flight connections to and from Slovenia
The Belgian-Slovenian VLM Airlines officially announced the establishment of seasonal flight connections between Maribor airport and airports in Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Until 29th August, the airline will connect the cities twice a week with a 50-seater Fokker 50. more

The most romantic waterfronts and promenades
Green, Active and Healthy Slovenia is one of the most water-rich countries in Europe. Wherever you go, you are always surrounded by the freshness of water. Rivers, lakes and the sea create picturesque waterfronts for gathering and relaxing. more

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